Sparkling Wine

Among Bottle Barn’s numerous collections of hand-curated wines is the sparkling wine category, making it easy to order sparkling wine online. Choose from over 490 sparkling wines when you buy wine online.  Sparkling wines include those from many different countries and regions, made from different grape varietals. The most prised method of producing sparkling wine is a second fermentation in bottle, known as the traditional method.

The most famous sparkling wine is Champagne, made in France’s eponymous region. Other well-known sparkling wines include Cava from Spain, Sekt from Germany, and Prosecco from Italy. Sparkling wines extend to many natural wines, including pet-nat, which is lightly effervescent. Bottle Barn allows you to search by grape varietal as well, including common sparkling wine grapes such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but also Pinot Blanc and Vermentino. Many sparkling wines are made in Bottle Barn’s neighbouring regions of Sonoma and Napa, usually from cooler appellations.