Dessert Wine

Dessert wines encompass a wide variety of wine characterized by a high sugar concentration. When you buy dessert wine online, you can readily choose the type of desired dessert wine by grape variety, country, or region as well as wine review score.

Bottle Barn has hundreds of dessert wines as well as a category for Fine and Rare Dessert Wines. The most famous and appreciated dessert wine is Sauternes from the Bordeaux region. You will also find wines such as Ice Wine, Port, Madeira, sweet Moscato, Cream Sherry, and Vin Santo. Bottle Barn allows you to buy dessert wine from Australia, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United States and more. Each dessert wine has been chosen by wine experts who excel in providing excellent value.

Dessert wines can be made by deliberating stopping fermentation, leaving residual sugar, or by various other means such as Botrytis infection or freezing the grapes.