Rosé Wine

Imagine choosing from over 200 options when you buy rose wine online. Increasingly recognized as a sophisticated wine category, the best wine store USA offers rose wine in a variety of styles and from numerous prestigious wine regions worldwide. Of course, with its home in Sonoma County, California, Bottle Barn specializes in Sonoma and Napa rose wine, but you will also find refined rose wine from Provence, Italy, Austria, and many more appellations. 

Unsure about which rose wine bottle you will prefer? Don’t worry. Bottle Barn allows you to narrow down the rose wine online by choosing price point, country, region, and varietal. You may want more common rose wine grapes such as Pinot Noir or Grenache, but you will also find roses made from Zinfandel or Cinsault. 

When you order rose wine online it should be an adventure. And if you ever have questions, just contact us.