Merlot Red Wine

Merlot, a red wine grape, is celebrated for its plump, juicy consistency. Its name originates from the French term "merle," meaning blackbird, referencing the grape's deep-blue hue.

What does Merlot taste like? This grape is used to produce wines renowned for their approachability and versatility. Merlot wines have flavors of dark fruit like plum, cherry, and berry, coupled with hints of herbs and some earthiness. A typical Merlot presents a medium to full body with moderate tannins, making it an excellent choice red wine novices.

What is Merlot’s history? Originating in Bordeaux, France, Merlot historically was employed as a blending grape, softening the robustness of Cabernet Sauvignon. Over time, it became a favored varietal on its own, especially in regions like California and Washington State.

Serving tips: Pair it with a wide array of dishes, including roasted meats, pasta, and soft cheeses. Serve at a temperature between 60-65°F (15-18°C) to experience its full range of flavors.