Barbaresco, crafted from the Nebbiolo grape, is Piedmont's prized gem, akin to its sibling Barolo. This noble wine boasts grace, depth, and a robust character. Historically, Barbaresco claims a slightly shorter aging process than Barolo, highlighting a softer profile without compromising complexity.

What is Barbaresco’s history? Its roots trace back to the 19th century, with pioneering producers like Gaja elevating its reputation.

What does Barbaresco taste like? Barbaresco embodies floral aromas, ripe red fruit, and subtle spice, layered over a structured, elegant frame. With aging potential, it matures gracefully, revealing earthy undertones and intricate nuances.

Serving tips: Pair this regal wine with hearty dishes like braised meats or risotto. Serve slightly below room temperature to unlock its full spectrum of flavors and textures, allowing its velvety nature to shine. Explore our curated selection of Barbaresco for a taste of Piedmont's finesse and tradition.