Discovering Elegance: Five Exceptional Cabernet Franc Wines from the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and historic vineyards, claims some of the most captivating Cabernet Franc wines in the world. This versatile grape variety thrives in the region's diverse terroirs, producing French wines that exhibit elegance, complexity, and a unique sense of place. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore five fantastic Cabernet Franc wines from the Loire Valley, all available at the best wine store California and each showcasing the beauty and diversity of this exceptional grape.

2020 Domaine de Pallus Messanges Rouge Chinon

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Our journey begins in the prestigious Chinon appellation with the 2020 Domaine de Pallus Messanges Rouge. This French wine from Chinon, crafted by vigneron Bertrand Sourdais, is a true expression of the region's potential. The nose offers an enticing bouquet of red berries, violets, and subtle hints of green bell pepper, characteristic of Cabernet Franc. On the palate, it reveals a beautiful balance of fruit and acidity, with silky tannins providing structure. The wine's impressive length and finesse make it a delightful companion for grilled lamb or roasted vegetable dishes.  Be sure to choose a bottle when you order wine online!

2017 Clos Rougeard Saumur Champigny

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Clos Rougeard, a legendary name in the Loire Valley, is synonymous with excellence in Cabernet Franc production. The 2017 Clos Rougeard Saumur Champigny showcases the estate's commitment to crafting wines of precision and finesse. This wine emanates aromas of ripe cherries, blackcurrants, and a touch of earthiness. On the palate, it offers layers of complexity, with well-integrated tannins and a vibrant acidity that lingers on the finish. Enjoy this wine with hearty French cuisine, such as coq au vin or boeuf Bourguignon.

2021 Domaine des Closiers "Les Closiers" Saumur Champigny Rouge

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A testament to the Loire Valley's versatility, the 2021 Domaine des Closiers "Les Closiers" Saumur Champigny Rouge is a fresh and lively expression of Cabernet Franc. With its vibrant crimson hue, this wine entices with aromas of red currants, raspberry, and a touch of green herbs. On the palate, it is light yet flavorful, showcasing the grape's natural acidity and bright fruit character. This Saumur Champigny Rouge is an ideal choice for a summer picnic, pairing effortlessly with grilled chicken or a selection of cheeses.

2019 Arnaud Lambert Clos Moleton Saumur Champigny

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Arnaud Lambert's dedication to organic and biodynamic farming practices shines through in the 2019 Clos Moleton Saumur Champigny. This wine is a true reflection of its terroir, with a nose filled with red cherries, plums, and a subtle minerality. On the palate, it unfolds gracefully, revealing layers of red fruit, gentle spice, and a refreshing acidity. The wine's fine-grained tannins provide structure without overpowering the overall elegance. Savor it alongside grilled sausages, charcuterie, or vegetable ratatouille.

2017 Clos Rougeard Saumur Champigny Le Bourg

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Our journey through the Loire Valley culminates with the 2017 Clos Rougeard Saumur Champigny Le Bourg, a wine that exemplifies the pinnacle of Cabernet Franc craftsmanship. This single-vineyard wine offers a profound aromatic profile, featuring blackberries, dark cherries, and subtle notes of cedar and tobacco. On the palate, it exhibits remarkable depth and concentration, with velvety tannins and a long, expressive finish. This wine deserves a place at the finest dining tables, where it can complement dishes like duck confit or roasted venison. This rare red wine bottle is available when you order wine online. Don’t wait because stock is limited!

The Loire Valley's Cabernet Franc wines are a testament to the region's commitment to excellence and its ability to capture the essence of this remarkable grape variety. From the youthful vibrancy of the 2021 Domaine des Closiers "Les Closiers" Saumur Champigny Rouge to the timeless elegance of the 2017 Clos Rougeard Saumur Champigny Le Bourg, these wines offer a diverse and captivating journey through the world of Cabernet Franc. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to this exceptional grape, these five wines are an invitation to discover the beauty and complexity of the Loire Valley's winemaking heritage. Cheers to the enduring allure of Cabernet Franc!

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