Discover Eight Red Wines from Austria

Nestled amidst Austria's breathtaking landscapes and steeped in centuries of winemaking tradition lies a realm less explored—the realm of Austria's exceptional red wines. While the country is renowned for its acclaimed Grüner Veltliner and elegant Riesling, its red wine bottle offerings often remain undiscovered gems. This article uncovers the treasures of Austria's red wine heritage through a selection of eight remarkable bottles, each a testament to the country's winemaking finesse and dedication. Best of all, you can try each of them when you buy wine online.

Austria's wine scene embodies tradition, innovation, and a deep reverence for terroir. Within the stunning landscapes of the Danube River Valley, Wachau, Kamptal, and Burgenland regions, the country's vineyards sprawl across picturesque hillsides and terraced slopes. Austrian winemakers are custodians of a winemaking legacy that dates back to Roman times, infusing modern techniques with time-honored practices. The emphasis on quality and sustainability resonates deeply within the Austrian wine culture, with many producers embracing organic and biodynamic methods. This commitment to eco-friendly viticulture not only preserves the natural beauty of the vineyards but also translates into wines that vividly express their unique terroir. The Austrian wine scene is characterized by a vibrant community of passionate vintners dedicated to crafting wines that reflect the essence of Austria's diverse landscapes, inviting enthusiasts on a sensory journey through the country's vinous treasures.

Austrian Red Varietals: A Diverse Melange

The red wine mosaic in Austria flourishes through a spectrum of grape varietals, each adding distinct characteristics to the wines that you select when you order wine online. At the forefront is the indigenously Austrian Blaufrankisch, boasting wines with intense dark fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and subtle spicy undertones. Blauburgunder, known as Pinot Noir, showcases elegance in Austrian reds, expressing red fruit complexities, earthy nuances, and a silky texture. These varietals, complemented by Zweigelt and other local grapes, contribute to Austria's diverse red wine panorama, offering a delightful array of flavors and styles.

Now, let's uncork the essence of Austria's red wine prowess through nine exceptional bottles:


2017 Birgit Braunstein Blaufrankisch Leithaberg

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Birgit Braunstein's Leithaberg Blaufrankisch exemplifies the varietal's vibrant dark fruit, refined tannins, and lingering spice, encapsulating Austria's red winemaking finesse.

2017 Ernst Triebaumer Rust Blauburgunder

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Ernst Triebaumer's Rust Blauburgunder unveils Pinot Noir's grace, harmonizing red fruits, earthiness, and a velvety texture, embodying Austrian terroir.

2018 Quantum Derr Herr Baumann

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The Quantum Derr Herr Baumann astonishes with depth, complexity, and a distinctive character, epitomizing Austria's commitment to exceptional red wine blends.

2018 Prieler Leithaberg Blaufrankisch [JS94][WE94][WA92]

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Universally acclaimed by critics, Prieler's Leithaberg Blaufrankisch dazzles with complexity, dark fruits, elegant spices, and impeccable structure, a true representation of Austrian excellence.

2018 Markowitsch Ried Rosenberg [WE94]

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Markowitsch's Ried Rosenberg impresses with remarkable structure, depth, and a captivating flavor profile, showcasing Austria's pursuit of quality.

2020 Hofer Zweigelt

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Hofer's approachable Zweigelt delights with lively red fruit, supple tannins, and a refreshing finish, embodying the welcoming nature of Austrian reds.

2012 Ernst Triebaumer Ried Mariental Blaufrankisch

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Ernst Triebaumer's Ried Mariental Blaufrankisch displays aged elegance, revealing evolved dark berry flavors, integrated tannins, and a lingering finish, showcasing Austrian reds' aging potential. A true standout!

2019 Weingut Wallner Eisenberg DAC Blaufrankisch

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This red wine bottle offers a distinct expression of the grape, with nuanced fruitiness, balanced acidity, and a sense of terroir, adding depth to Austria's red wine repertoire.

In the end, Austria's red wines, each represented by these exceptional bottles, invite exploration and celebration. They embody a heritage shaped by tradition, innovation, and terroir, creating wines that captivate the senses and tell stories of a country deeply rooted in vinous excellence. Embrace the allure of Austria's red wines and savor their multifaceted charm—an invitation to indulge in the essence of Austrian winemaking.

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