4th of July Staff Picks

The 4th of July in America is a wonderful time. Many people have the day off. Bar-B-Qs are being fired up left and right. And best of all, the weather’s just right for a little day drinking.

We asked our staff what their tops picks were for the 4th in case you still need a little inspiration. Let us know if we missed your favorites on Facebook or Instagram!

Best Beers

“The Trumer Pilsner. Light, easy drinking, perfect for a day of lounging around.” - Jason

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It brings you back.” - Zach

“Free beer.” - Matt

Seismic, because it’s local, water-efficient and balanced.” - Dennis

“Anything craft brew in a can, especially from Saint Archer out of San Diego.”  - Jordan

Moonlight’s Death & Taxes.” - Barry*

“Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer by 21st Amendment.” - Nick

“One of everything.” - Joe

Best Beer-Alternatives

“Cider.” - Blossom

“Champagne, especially Veuve Clicquot.” - Megan

“Margarita on the rocks.” - Hannah

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