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NV Alba Viticultores Campeonisimo Ancestral




Producer: Alba Viticultores 
Region: Spain 
Blend: Rare White Blend 

Year: 2016 

Retail Price: $99.00 
Our Price: $79.99 

From on Alba Viticultores Campeonisimo Ancestral: 

"The 1,000 bottles of Ancestral 2015 —a pét-nat whose grapes are foot-trodden and is fermented for 10 days before spending three months in the bottle— were released in the spring of this year and by May the wine was sold out. 

Many of their admirers would love to see that the ancestral concept goes well beyond the sparkling production method at the small Alba winery. Pressing, bottling and disgorging are all done manually: Angulo leaves the bottle on the freezer for 6-7 hours until the neck is frozen, then releases the stopper, fills the bottle with the same wine and puts a new crown cap, like those normally found in beer bottles. “I don’t find cork interesting. It means more hard work and it has added risks”, he says just before he answers a call on his ancestral mobile phone —an old Nokia without whatsapp or internet connection." 

Amphorae, the ceramic vessels so popular among many natural wine producers, are not his thing either. “I used them for Campeonísimo in 2014 but I have stopped now. Amphorae are a lot of work. I like things simple; the simpler, the better”, acknowledges Angulo. 

He tries to apply this philosophy to his wines, which are all unfined and unfiltered and carry little or no added sulfur. He also follows biodynamics, buries horns in the vineyard, buys preparations and tries to take account of the position of the moon. “On a leaf day, my wines seem reduced. Even my mum in Ronda notices the effect of the moon when she can’t get a consistent dough for her croquettes on discontinuous days! That’s one thing, but I don't go as far as not trying my wine on non-fruit days… Not everything is acceptable in natural winemaking”. 

No added sulfites. Biodynamically grown and vegan-friendly. 

*Price and availability in store may vary.

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