1964 Monimpex Tokaji Aszu Essencia (500ml) (SOLD OUT)

Tokaji Blend
1964 Monimpex Tokaji Aszu Essencia

1964 Monimpex Tokaji Aszu Essencia (500ml) (SOLD OUT)

Tokaji Blend
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Producer: Monimpex
Region: Tokaj, Hungary
Blend: Tokaji Blend
Year: 1964

Tokaji Essencia is one of the first of the world's great sweet wines. King Louis XV of France called it the wine of kings and the king of wines. The elixir was so prized by the Tzars of Russia, that they maintained a detachment of Cossacks solely for the purpose of escorting convoys of the precious liquid from Hungary to the Royal cellars of St. Petersburg. Essencia first appeared in a Christies catalogue,dated 1770 and an appreciative connoisseur was Thomas Jefferson, who imported and served "rich Tokaji" (for which he paid a guinea a bottle) at his presidential banquets in the early 1800s. Aszu Essencia represents the highest quality amongst Tokaji wines. It has more than 180 grams per liter of residual sugar content and over 50 grams of sugar free extract.

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