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Pot Still Whiskey: Better than Column?

Pot Still Whiskey: Better than Column?

Whiskey is whiskey, right? Turns out the shape of the still can actually make a significant difference in the taste. And some people feel pretty strongly about it.

While both convert mash (fermented grain) into alcohol, a column does it in a way so efficient that the resulting alcohol is nearly as clean as can be. The pot still on the other hand, like a giant tea kettle, has minor in efficiencies that for certain liquors like whiskey add depth and flavor.

"Don’t get me wrong I love most all whiskey," says our Spirits Buyer Jason, "but Pot Still distillation does bring an element of texture and concentration that is not common in continuous still made products. A couple classic Irish Whiskeys to try are Red Breast and Green Spot and locally Adam and crew at Sonoma Distilling Co are mastering the art of Pot Still distillation and putting out some fantastic whiskey."

What do you think? Can you taste a difference?

Green Spot: $52.99
Sonoma Distilling Co: $39.99
Red Breast: $49.99

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