Welcome to the Bottle Barn Beer Departments’ on-line services! Here at the Bottle Barn, we are very enthusiastic about our beers, and our goal is to satisfy beer drinkers from novice to connoisseur. We specialize in many exciting areas in the world of beer. From the outstanding offerings of our many wonderful local breweries, to our ever expanding selection of exotic beers gathered from around the globe, the Bottle Barn is without doubt a “must stop” in any beer fans’ pursuit of the “perfect pint!” Domestic classics, microbrews, popular import brands (and many you may have never seen!), Belgian masterpieces, and all things in-between will greet the folks that find themselves in our beer section. We also carry many beer associated items such as; glassware, gift-packs, openers, magnum bottles, t-shirts, and well over 100 labels in the venerable 22oz. “bomber” size bottle! All this and much more anxiously await the avid beer aficionado! So give us a call or come on down, your satisfaction is our reward!

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